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Gene <bierglaeser@...>

I'd like to respond herewith to Dave Nelson's message #99187 and Tim O'Connor's message #99193.

As a practical matter (in this group, at least, if not universally) both gentlemen are correct. In the case of M&StL freight cars I have allowed myself to pronounce certain models 'accurate' and others not. I know some modelers rely on my pronouncements.

That said, let us take up the matter of freight car trucks. Who among us has identified a freight car truck as 'wrong' just because the journal box lids do not match the prototype? I suspect no one has.

If the side frame is correct it appears to me that we all (me included) are willing to accept a truck as correct even though the journal box lids, maybe the bolster, perhaps the brake beams and possibly even the journal box size do not match the prototype. I suspect we all use a definition of 'accurate' that is relative and individualized. When will we judge a models accuracy based on the correct retaining valve?

If I haven't already, this argument could be carried to a ridiculous extreme. Please see the first sentence of the second paragraph above.

Gene Green

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