Re: MP hoppers in California

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 12, 2011, at 9:24 PM, mike brock wrote:

Jerry Michels asks about MP hoppers out West:

Mike, any details on this?
I originally wrote this on March 25, 2008:

Santa Fe gurus are no doubt pulling out what hair they have left
today after
viewing the photo on pg 25 of the just appearing War Bonnet, First
2008. They probably thought...ohhh nooo...when they looked
carefully at the
photo. It shows a nice view of the San Bernardino yard in 1950 with
that the El Captitan is arriving. However, much more interesting to
those on
the STMFC that are always on the lookout for "eastern style"
hoppers in
California is a string of cars 5 tracks away. Here we see no less
than 8 MP
3 bay hopper cars [ maybe more ]...filled with what looks
The Kaiser steel plant in Fontana, CA, built during World War II,
consumed large quantities of coal. At first, the coal came from
Utah, mostly in UP, D&RGW hoppers, and UCR drop bottom gondolas and
UP and D&RGW hoppers; all are visible in various wartime and postwar
yard shots at Barstow and San Bernardino. There was a Santa Fe
Fontana turn that conveyed coal and other supplies from San
Bernardino to the Fontana steel plant 9 miles down the Second
District towards Los Angeles. But that's as far as those cars got,
and they never appeared anywhere else on the Los Angeles Division.
Ca. 1950, the coal began coming from a different source (I"m not sure
where) in mostly Missouri Pacific hoppers. Again, there are several
photos that show these cars at Barstow, San Bernardino, and on the
First District crossing Cajon Pass. All of this having been well
documented, I know of no Santa Fe gurus who have pulled out even a
single hair over it. And by the way (get ready for a cheap shot),
this particular Santa Fe guru still has a full head of hair, unlike
our esteemed list administrator.

Richard Hendrickson

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