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Richard Hendrickson writes:

All of this having been well
documented, I know of no Santa Fe gurus who have pulled out even a
single hair over it. And by the way (get ready for a cheap shot),
this particular Santa Fe guru still has a full head of hair, unlike
our esteemed list administrator.
I would speculate that your barber might reduce his fee after you have run Prototype Rails AND the STMFC for ten yrs.<G> Actually, I appreciate the fact that my haircuts are rather quicker than some. Gives me more time to work on Prototype Rails. Only 8 more months. Geeez.

The MP hopper story...and the source of its coal would not be complete without mentioning the photo on the inside cover of the UPHS The Streamliner, Vol 18, #4. It shows a train of 40 or so hopper cars near Lyndyll, UT,[ 118 miles south of SLC ] in 1952 which contains at least 2 MP 3 bay hoppers [ and probably 2 more ]. Utah coal? Possibly. Of additional interest are the P&LE and NYC gons at the first of the train...loaded with something that looks like...coal. To complicate the issue is the eastbound UP train at Wahsatch, UT [ 65 miles east of Ogden on the Ogden/Cheyenne mainline ]. In its consist are a 50 ton and 70 ton MP 2 Rock Island gons...apparently MTY. Add to that the MP hoppers at Laramie.

Mike Brock

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