Re: Missing Significant Frt Cars

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

On 13 Apr 2011 at 8:53, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Apr 12, 2011, at 9:56 PM, Andy Harman wrote:

Who made a 6-dome wine car in plastic a long time ago, AHM? I have
one - mainly because my wife likes tank cars and picked it up at a
show. I have no idea if it represents any prototype.
It doesn't, Andy, not even close AHM made it as a modified tank on
their 10,500 gal. "chemical car," a cheap copy of the inaccurate
Athearn "chemical car." So it's tank scales out to about S scale.
The 6 compartment wine tank cars built by both GATC and AC&F were
6,000 gal. cars with small diameter tanks.

Richard Hendrickson

I would like a good (accurate) 2 ,3, or 6 dome tank
(injected). While I realize they were rare I think they
would sell. The manufacture (or importer) could paint
them with granny goose for all I care as long as a
couple of correct ones were done. As most will say
they are too rare for a prototype RR that fact alone
would probably make them good sellers. How many
will sell, who knows.

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