M-15 coversions, was: M-53 ends

Jim Mischke

Some thoughts:

Chris Barkan termed the M-15 as the boxcar that would not die.

M-15 (wood) subclass to M-15k wagontop (1935-6) to M-15na (1955) to M-15pd. Three rebuildings.

Note that the M-15k conversons to M-15pd, M-15na also included a doorway widening.

This 1955 converson seemed almost overnight. It consumed all the viable M-15k wagontop boxcars on the roster. Except one, which went to MofW service, per 1961 roster, no photo. It seems this one MofW car is the only M-15k one can have on a post-1955 layout.

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Thanks Bob. Offline, I got this:

375160 is an M-15P, rebuilt from M-15k in 1955

375602 is an M-15PD converted from M-15NA, rebuilt from M-15k earlier (?)

Sheesh! Classes, subclasses, and now sub-subclasses.

Tim O'Connor

Numbers 375160, 375602, 376035, all are some class of M-15 wagon-top
boxcars. Number 385839 is a M-53A.

Bob's Photos has at least one, 370577, an M-15K with a three-piece end
and there is one in the Armitage Collection, 370038, M-15K with a
three-piece end. There are two G.W. Sisk photos in the Winters
Collection now owned by Louis Marre that are on loan to Jay Williams.
Ted Cullotta included one in his "Essential Freight Car" series, RMC
July 2005, #371015, a M-15K, from the Sirham Collectio and it has a
one-piece end.

Recall that the underframe replacement project happened very quickly in
1955 with most cars being converted in that year. If you model before
that time one needs the fishbelly underframe version and if you model
after 1955 one needs cars with the new AAR underframe. Both the Sunshine
and the F&C models are of the M-15K with fishbelly underframes.

Bob Witt

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