Re: Necessary Freight cars

Jack Burgess

Bruce wrote:
<No need to come to a "consensus". Jerry Britton sends out a poll to
<the PRR lists every year asking for the top 3 requests in a variety
<of categories. He simply coalated the responses in each scale and
<forwarded it to as many manufacturers as he could find. It is
<remarkable over the years how many of the top cars and locomotives
<have ended up being produced! Was if cause and effect or simply a
<correlation? We may never know ;^)

Finescale Models magazine does the same thing each year, collecting requests
for new kits and it seems the manufacturer's listen. Of course, there are
more model builders than model railroaders.

But to make our requests more attractive, it might be helpful to provide a
background summary on those cars which receive the most votes (how many
prototypes were built, how many railroads ran them) and sources of prototype
information for them...

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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