Re: Missing Significant Frt Cars

Aley, Jeff A


It is messages like this one that prompted me to ask the question about RTR resin. People want an X-3 (and other cars) IN PLASTIC. Sunshine already makes a resin kit for the X-3. So why do folks want it in RTR plastic? Is it because they want the material to be plastic, in particular? I guess the answer is "no" - personally, I don't care if the car is made out of bamboo, so long as it is nicely executed.
So that leaves a few possible reasons: availability (not a problem w/ other resin mfrs), pre-painting / lettering, or the fact that the plastic car will be RTR.



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I suggest that the UTLX X-3 tank car would fit perfectly into ExactRail's Signature Series, next to their MILW ribsides.

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