Kadee Trucks

Richard Hendrickson

Here's a heads-up on what I regard as an important development.

In exchange for some prototype information I provided, Sam Clarke at
Kadee has very kindly sent me some samples of their newest HGC self-
centering trucks. As many of you know, Kadee is engaged in a
continuing effort to replace their older sprung trucks with new
trucks molded in HGC material with the springs molded integral with
the side frames. The latest results of this effort are: #567 50
ton National B-1 (33" ribbed back wheels), #568 50 ton National B-1
(33" smooth back wheels), #569 100 ton Roller Bearing (36" smooth
back wheels), #570 70 ton Barber S-2 Roller Bearing (33" smooth back
wheels), and #583 Arch Bar Caboose w. Leaf Springs (33" ribbed back

These new trucks are all superb representations of the prototype
trucks, with full brake shoes and rigging and Kadee's patented frame
construction, which provides both self-equalization to help keep them
on uneven track and self centering so that the trucks will
automatically line up with the track when car is picked up. The HGC
material is both tough and slippery, and in my informal tests the new
trucks are exceptionally free rolling. Wheel sets are Kadee's
familiar cast metal on nylon axles and the wheels are code 110
profile, but I understand Kadee is thinking seriously about possibly
producing code 88 semi-scale wheel sets as well. Mounting screws are
provided. List price on all of them is $8.95.

For steam era modelers, the National B-1 trucks are especially
appealing, as they are exceptionally well detailed including
"daylight" around the bolster ends and cast-on lettering on the side
frames. Some of us can certainly use the leaf-spring Arch Bar
caboose trucks as well, whose side frames are much thinner and closer
to scale than most other HO scale arch bars. I was about to put a
pair of Proto 2000 National B-1s on a Monon AAR 1937 spec. box car,
but now that I have them the Kadees are definitely going on this model.

Richard Hendrickson

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