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Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 13, 2011, at 3:57 PM, wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

I was about to put a
pair of Proto 2000 National B-1s on a Monon AAR 1937 spec. box car,
but now that I have them the Kadees are definitely going on this

OK Richard I will bite! Why is the Kadee truck so much nicer than
the Proto 2000 National B-1? Seems like only yesterday that we all
thought we had died and gone to Heaven when Proto 2000 had
introduced that truck!

Paul Lyons
Much sharper and more precise detail on the side frames, Paul, plus
complete brake rigging. The self-equalizing and self-tracking
features are very nice, as well. And you're hearing this from one of
the guys who persuaded Life-Like to do the Proto 2000 National B-1,
which was a very nice truck by the standards of fifteen years ago.
Of course, we now have the Athearn National B-1 as well, which isn't
shabby either. Years ago, I had to solder together my first National
B-1s from old Red Ball parts. In fact, the car I made them for still
has them, though they are scheduled for replacement. I'm going
through all of my older equipment a bit at a time replacing trucks
where appropriate, changing wheelsets to code 88, and changing #5
couplers to #58s. Those who say the hobby is going to hell in a
handcart are clueless; it's just changing, mostly for the better.

Richard Hendrickson

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