Re: Kadee Trucks

Jim Betz


As long as we are talking about Kadee trucks ...

Has any one found a non-Kadee wheelset that works well
in a Kadee truck?

- Tired of changing out worn out nylon axles - the point
wears out and you have to change out the entire axle
including the wheels
... Jim

8a. Kadee Trucks
Posted by: "Richard Hendrickson" n1605g
Date: Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:16 pm ((PDT))

Here's a heads-up on what I regard as an important development.


Wheel sets are Kadee's
familiar cast metal on nylon axles and the wheels are code 110
profile, but I understand Kadee is thinking seriously about possibly
producing code 88 semi-scale wheel sets as well.

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