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Andy Harman

At 10:19 PM 4/13/2011 -0700, you wrote:

Has any one found a non-Kadee wheelset that works well
in a Kadee truck?
I have used Reboxx wheel sets successfully in Kadee trucks. Be aware they
are insulated on only one side so you will need to make sure both axles are
oriented the same direction. I just measured a Kadee axle at about 1.015"
so a Reboxx axle of about that length should work nicely. I haven't had a
lot of trouble with Kadee axles wearing out, but I have replaced them in
open ended cars (tank cars, hoppers, etc) with code 88 wheels for better
appearance, hence the Reboxx.


- Tired of changing out worn out nylon axles - the point
wears out and you have to change out the entire axle
including the wheels
... Jim
8a. Kadee Trucks
Posted by: "Richard Hendrickson" n1605g
Date: Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:16 pm ((PDT))

Here's a heads-up on what I regard as an important development.


Wheel sets are Kadee's
familiar cast metal on nylon axles and the wheels are code 110
profile, but I understand Kadee is thinking seriously about possibly
producing code 88 semi-scale wheel sets as well.


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