Re: Kadee Trucks

Rossiter, Mark W <Mark.Rossiter@...>

Reboxx wheelsets are by far the best I have used, in any type of
sideframe. I suspect that part of the reason for their success is the
needle point axle has a much, much smaller surface area than a Kadee
axle, meaning less opportunity for friction (resistance), as minute as
it might be. I replaced the caboose trucks on a few of my older brass
models with the swing-motion trucks Kadee now offers in their HCG
material. I was concerned about using double insulated axles versus
single-insulated axles, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.
The new HCG material is not conductive like Kadee's traditional metal
sideframe trucks are. Single insulated axles work just fine.

- - Mark

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