Re: Branchline kit 1500 or equvilant

Andy Harman

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:24:26 -0400, Larry Sexton wrote
Does anyone have a Branchline 40' Postwar AAR boxcar kit with an 8' door
they are willing to sell or have an idea where I might locate one? There may
be a similar decorated BL kit with an 8' door that will work as well for
creating the EJ&E 1941 10'06 boxcar if someone has a suggestion. The 8' door
appears to be the key restriction.
An undec pair of these just sold for $28.50 on ebay... plus another $8 shipping. I
dropped out of the bidding at $18, but only because I have a few of them. I do need
more though so I'm not parting with any. The Branchline paint does strip easily with
91% alcohol though if you are so inclined and decorated kits seem easier to come by.
The announcement of Atlas taking over the Branchline rolling stock seems to have created
a rush of ebay sellers unloading their stock as it's now "out of production" but I think
those with a hoard are now holding back waiting for prices to go higher, as the market
was flooded there for a few weeks.

I've got that Sunshine conversion too...


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