Re: Necessary Freight cars (UNCLASSIFIED)

Andy Harman

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:11:24 -0400, Gatwood, Elden SAW wrote

It may be reality, or just blather.
It wouldn't be the first time manufacturer(s) put up a smoke screen. I don't have a
problem with them telling me "no comment" or "none of your business", but just making up
something to throw me off course is playing me for a fool. Especially when I can be
duped into spreading it and I think that's where a lot of this stuff comes from.

I remember once asking a manufacturer's rep about a product I was interested in, and the
guy looked at me like I was from outer space. He acted not only as if I was the only
person who ever mentioned such a thing, but almost acted as if he had never even heard
of the thing. He smugly suggested a similar product from another manufacturer - which
was, in addition to not being what I wanted - very poorly done. He left me feeling like
an idiot for even mentioning such an obscure, strange, weird, and unwanted thing.

Less than a year later, his company put out that exact thing -- at precisely the same
time as a competitor also put out that exact thing. I guess the smoke screen worked, he
sure fooled me. I also never talked to that manufacturer again. He probably doesn't
miss me.

When Bowser came out with the PRR H21A, in singles, six-packs and 12-packs,
they couldn't keep them on the shelf. Now they've reached saturation. Folks
just don't need them with all they currently own.
I think that may be the issue - open hoppers are not an oo-looky impulse buy for the
casual shopper. They are the kind of thing that, when announced, people will advance
reserve them by the dozen if not the gross, and then they're done. If we're to believe
Intermountain's new blurb about A/R, to the detriment of the impulse buyer, then a coal
hopper should fit that business model perfectly.

Of course trying to make a logical argument out of a hobby is sort of like getting into
a logic argument with your kid when he asks "Whhhhyyyy??" Any answer besides "Because I
said so" is open invitation to counterpoint and alternate logic. So regardless of
logic, I'll get my H10 hopper when somebody feels like making one, and it will have
little to do with statistics, polls, or logic.

I also believe an alternate standard offset twin would sell, and yet we don't
even have a resin kit....but we do for a chisel-side IC offset twin?
The alternate standard offset - is this the version NKP had?


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