Re: Kadee Trucks

Andy Harman

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 20:49:33 -0000, rwitt_2000 wrote
Tim O'Connor wrote: "At a train club I belonged to, MANY cars with
Kadee wheels (mostly in non-Kadee sideframes) wore down the ends of the
axles to a round nub!
I put Kadee wheelsets into various one-piece delrin trucks over the years. Athearn,
MDC, Walthers, Train Miniature etc. I don't know what the wear profile was but the
rolling quality was definitely inferior.

Funny, that AHM 6-dome car we were talking about... I looked at it last night and it
appears to have Kadee wheelsets stuck into ancient Athearn sprung trucks, or the AHM
equivalent - but most AHM cars I remember did not have sprung trucks.

It is interesting how we've come full circle from sprung, to one-piece, to some bad
attempts at non-sprung equalization, to sprung, to one-piece, and now Kadee's
functional, equalized new design. There was a time when a freight car truck was a
freight car truck, and I just tried to find one that would perform and didn't care if it
was the correct truck. Now I go blind looking at all of the un-branded delrin trucks I
have in my junkbox and try to figure out what they are and if I can use them.

Anybody remember a time - late 60s or early 70s - when Athearn was putting their
then-new delrin roller bearing truck in *every* kit, from their most modern to 40' box
cars to ice reefers? I've often wondered if they just ran out of their "Bettendorf"
trucks and didn't feel like making a run, or if the mold was down for repair or what. I
do still pull out Athearn cars from back then... like an SP steam era box car, and there
are those roller bearing trucks.


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