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Mike Fleming

I use Kadee wheelsets exclusively and about 90% on the stock trucks. I use a truck tuner to clean out and shape the pocket on the trucks and I have found that the ride quality improves and I have never had an axle or truck frame failure.
The caveat is that if I am using the truck tuner on a bunch of cars at once it really aggrivates the arthritis in my thumb.

Mike Fleming
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Bob, they were plastic.

One thing you can do with plastic-plastic contact is put
graphite in the bearing. This is very easy with Neo-Lube which
is a paintable graphite. With metal-metal contact I sometimes
use moly-grease or a teflon-grease and this seems to mitigate
the squeaking that develops. In other cases I use Tichy nylon
bearings, especially for brass truck sideframes designed for
stubby (shouldered?) journals.

Tim O'

Tim O'Connor wrote: "At a train club I belonged to, MANY cars with
Kadee wheels (mostly in non-Kadee sideframes) wore down the ends of the
axles to a round nub! In a high-use context, metal axles last longer...
But yeah, on a private low-mileage layout, it's probably not an issue."



Were non-Kadee truck frames metal or plastic? Some of the problem of
wear may relate to what JP Barger noted in his presentations on truck
frames and wheel-sets that one wants metal axles in plastic truck frames
or the opposite. Kadee's older trucks always had plastic axles in metal
truck frames. It will be interesting to see how the new
plastic-on-plastic combination will perform long-term.

Bob Witt

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