Re: TC boxcar nomenclature correction

David Sieber

--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson wrote [to my comment on stepped bolster tabs as an identifier for Pullman-Standard boxcars of the late '30s/early '40s]: "Not true, Dave. You can see it on Pressed Steel Car and Bethlehem cars built before WW II."
--- and Bob Witt wrote: "I am looking at photos, mostly from Bob's, of the B&O versions of these P-S boxcars ca. 1941, classes M-55a/M-55B, built with Duryea underframes and they don't have the "stepped bolster tabs". Possibly the spotting feature only applies to boxcars with AAR center sills and underframe design..."

Now I'm glad I (mis)sent my comment to the Group - I learn something new every day. My photo collection is nowhere near as large (plus is skewed toward the '50s) compared to many on this List, especially the acknowledged experts ... Thanks, Tony and Bob!

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