Re: RI Single Sheathed Auto Cars

Richard Hendrickson

Again, thanks for the notes on the RI auto cars and the Sunshine meat
reefers. Your experience will be very useful when I get around to building
these cars. I'm impressed by how rapidly you're cranking out these models.
By now, of course, you've got lots of experience with resin kits, but
still.... Part of my problem is all the summer distractions that keep me
away from the workbench: trips to visit family and friends, a parade of
out-of-town visitors to Ashland, vintage aircraft fly-ins to attend,
maintenance to be done on both cars and the airplane (my Rx-7 is 16 years
old, Sandra's MG is 32 years old, and the Citabria was built in 1968, so
there are always little chores to be done even when all the major stuff is
working right). Then there's the Santa Fe Historical Society convention,
in addition to Airport Commission meetings and Woodlands and Trails
Association meetings, not to mention hiking and white water
rafting....well, I'm not complaining, but 25 hours a day just isn't enough.

You've mentioned more than once that the prototype photos included in some
kits are less than adequate in content or readability. In such cases, I
may have photos that would be helpful and I'll be happy to send you scans.
With regard to the Rock Island auto cars, for example, I have a number of
photos that weren't included in the kit instructions and that would, among
other things, have resolved the question of how the retainer valve pipe was
routed (vertically straight up the end, which is probably how you did it,
but data is always better than guesswork). Ask and ye shall receive.

Looking forward to seeing you at Naperville in October.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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