Re: Kadee Wheelsets

Andy Harman

At 03:59 AM 4/15/2011 -0000, you wrote:
I may be a little late on this but I ordered and received some of the new
Kadee trucks and wheelsets a few weeks ago from MB Klein. I do like the new
trucks and the appearance is light years ahead of the old sprung versions.
I bought some of the new model 70-ton trucks with plain bearings to put
under my few Broadway N&W hoppers and they look terrific.

Has Kadee changed the SKU number on the new trucks, so if you go to order
them you know what you're getting?

The material used is solid but not that solid. I already broke one truck
while clamping it for sandblasting. I sent it back with a few bucks and I
got my replacement yesterday from Sam Clarke.

I keep forgetting to call Sam, every day this week by the time I think of
it it's too late even with a 3 hour time zone advantage. Maybe tomorrow.
I need to get some doors and hopefully some of the box car grabs, if they
will sell them separately.

By the way, you shouldn't need the Reboxx double-insulated wheelsets in
the new plastic trucks.

You don't need them in the old trucks either as long as you make sure both
wheelsets are oriented the same direction :-)


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