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Hope I might acquire insights from the experienced here.

I'm working on a couple of TT scale projects for which I wish to learn how some of the parts manufacturers form wire into railings, eye bolts, and so on.

Of course, I don't seek proprietary information; I'm hopeful that "micro" wire forming is available for hire out there (although, I have not yet found any sources; often, though, I've learned, I fail to look in the right places).

Might someone know if model-making companies, Detail Associates, for an example, welcome outside customers? I will contact it, of course, but advance intelligence is usually helpful.

I don't think anyone in model railroading is doing this themselves; they all job it out to commercial shops. Google "multi slide wire forming" and start making some calls. Be prepared for quotes in multiples of one million parts :(

Wire forming is fast, and so the costs are low per part, but the old mechanical four slide machines were cam driven and a bear to set up, so once the setup was done the outfits wanted them to run at least a couple days, and their prices reflected this. I would suspect the new CNC wire forming machines are a lot easier to set up, so smaller run sizes should be easier to get quotes on.


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