Re: Kadee Trucks and New Atlas Wheelsets

Andy Harman

On Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:52:47 -0400, Tim O'Connor wrote

I will say they all share one trait: poor performance. And both the
Kato and Athearn versions lose their caps easily!
Which is one reason why this is a fundamentally bad idea even if you can put up with the
sluggish performance. I installed Kato 70 ton RB on two box cars recently, and I was
losing caps just getting them installed - fortunately you get a few extras. I've been
running the cars and they probably have a total of 12 hours run time now, but they
haven't been handled, boxed, or moved otherwise. So we'll see how long the caps last.
I'm sure I'll forget all about it and when I bring them to Marion some wiseacre will
spot a missing bearing cap. I'll say this, the Kato trucks do roll better than Athearn's.


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