Re: PRR Merchandise Service Boxcars

Greg Martin


I wanted to forward this to the list from my brother who is not a member of
the list. It is a reply to a message from Ben Hom.

Ed Martin Writes;

Ben and All,

Greg and I discussed this subject at length via the telephone. No doubt by
1954 there was less interest in LCL service cars. Note the condition of those
cars photographed. How rare is the "shadow keystone" version of the LCL paint
scheme adopted in 1954? Answer, very rare. Paint isn't the only clue. Labor
costs had climbed and it was expensive to separate cars with specialized
equipment which required addition labor to handle. Couple this with growing
pressure on the nation's rail car fleet and LCL becomes less attractive to
those in charge back in Philadelphia.

Who knows, maybe that X29 was returning from Council Bluff?

Ed Martin... "a graduate of the Joe Jack school of driving"<

Ed and I share lots of information and research on projects ongoing. I am
lucky to have a brother as interested as I in the PRR and the Railroads of
Southern California of the early 1970s where we grew up.

Greg Martin

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