National Type B/B-1 (was Re: Kadee Trucks)

Every car in the photos have National B-1 trucks, except I can't say for sure of #9427--the photo isn't that good.

Thanks, Al.

Again, the feature I look for is that funny bolster end. If the bottom is parallel to the top, it's a B-1. If the bottom angles up to the top, then a Type B. The Type B shows a lot more of the spring.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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MONON 9383, 40' single door box (1937 AAR)---? never seen a photo
Mont Switzer states (MM 12/91 p 58) that CIL 9150-9499 had National Type B-1 trucks. Some published photos:

CIL 9294 and 9157: MRG 9-10/84 p 11
CIL 9179: MM 12/91 p 60
CIL 9271: MM 12/95 p 41
CIL 9427: MM 9/01 p 53
CIL 9225 and 9283: MM 11/05 p 59

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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