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Thomas Birkett

Were some of these in revenue service, or all in Company Material service?
Bartlesville, OK

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Gary & Brian

Thanks for the suggestions. The Burlington didn't have any Bettendorf tank
cars, but it did purchase Standard Steel cars sometime
in 1918. These cars were class TM-5, #151000-151124 (some later
231000-231124 and 230800-230924) 12,500 gallon with an outside
length of 43' 5 1/4".

I notice that there is no ladder and platform below the expansion dome,
unlike the photos I have found of the TM-5. If these were
Standard Steel cars, would the ladder and platform have been on both sides
or only one?

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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It appears to be a Standard Tank Car Company product due to the placement
of the straps in the center of the car inbetween
the dome and the end of the car. The tool to confirm this would be a
picture of the bolsters which do not show in this picture.
Pressed Steel Car Company made a large number of tank cars for Great
Northern in 1911, so it could be from that builder also.

gary laakso

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I have posted a photo showing a CB&Q tank car oiling tracks west of
Chicago to keep down the dust. The photo has been copied from
the Railway Age Gazette of September 1911.

A horizontal perforated pipe has been attached to the bottom outlet of
the car to distribute the oil "which is heated by steam
from the engine", but with baffles to prevent it being sprayed on the
rail, and the flow rate is controlled by a lever attached
to the outlet valve.

Can anyone give me some clues about the car?


Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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