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Andy Hart

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MS1 (1947-1948): Classes X40b (100 cars), X41b (300 cars), X29b (some
cars - total undetermined). 23 1/4" wide aluminum band with 4 1/4" white
edges. Background for keystone monogram toludine red vice freight car
color. "Merchandise Service" letters toludine red with narrow white accent

MS2 (1950): Class X29 (some cars - total undetermined). Banner simplified
to all white. Keystone background and "Merchandise Service" lettering
freight car color.

MS3 (1954): Lettering diagram prepared for Class X40b boxcars in May 1954;
very few cars assigned to LCL service received this scheme. White banner
with shadow keystone and freight car color "Merchandise Service).
Hi Listers,

In his message, Ben Hom discribed the above lettering schemes for PRR
Merchandise Service box cars.

At least one X40b 60' box car was painted in the MS3 scheme. X40b 37080 is
shown among other equipment being displayed at New Brunswick, NJ on May 10,
1955 in the PRR's "Pennsy" magazine for July-August 1955. The car is either
just out of the paint shop or has been cleaned up for the display.

Andy Hart, PRRT&HS 92

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