Re: Armour and Swift 36' Reefers

Bill Darnaby


Just use the smallest amounts, a small drop really, then the parts can be
easily separated by inserting a razor blade through the joint. Hope that


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Bill Darnaby, in a series of welcome reports on the building of
various resin kits, has often mentioned temporarily joining various
pieces with AC cement in order to ensure that they are of identical
dimensions after filing, sanding, etc. to size. The following
comments found in recent reports are typical ...

.... I do this process by attaching the sides back to
back with CA to ensure absolutely even lengths.
The best way to assemble these is to attach all of the supports side
by side
with CA and lined up with their roof lines. Then they are all sized
at the
same time to fit snugly across the width of the body and are thus
The slot in their centers to fit the ridge pole is also sized while
they are
attached together. They are then cut apart and installed in the body
the ridge pole.
Bill, with my luck, and once I have joined the parts with CA, I will
never get them apart again. Is there a special technique for "tack
welding" with CA that will defeat the tendency for capillary action to
ruin the whole show?

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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