NADX Express Frigicar Reefer

Bob Werre


I've been on the listening end of this group for several years, learning what I can. Now I have a question that has been bugging me for some time. I have modeled in S Scale nearly forever so the choice of items has been somewhat limited.
Last Summer at our annual convention I picked up a extremely well-built express reefer lettered for NADX with the words Frigicar and Mechanical Transit Refrigeration placed on the car sides with the silk screen process.
The car itself seems based on the former Kinsman line of wooden kits generally similar to the Ambroid kits. I built several while in high school. This car shows some evidence of cut and splice on the sides, but that's not unusual in our scale. The underbody, is considerably different than the layout of the appliances I'm familiar with, but seemed very well done considering all the wooden parts. I've uploaded two images into the photos section under the name of PhotoTraxx.
I'd like to determine, if such a car was ever built,in that form, as well as any other information. I did a Google search and came up with several versions of the paint scheme applied to more typical cars.

Thanks for you insite

Bob Werre

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