M&StL flat car with load

Clark Propst

I just took a couple photos and put them in the photo section in a file with this email's subject title. Awaiting approval....

This is the car I was asking about the color a week or so ago.
The car is made from two Red Caboose 42' flat cars with an Evergreen scribed styrene deck.

I have documentation of this car number with a load of machinery.

I made the load similar to the gondola tarped loads in the Craftsman article, but only glued the tissue along the base edges and cut it off below the base when dry. Then I added 'boards' around the perimeter with two uprights that fit into the stake pocket openings. These hold the load on place on the car. The load can be removed for an empty move.

Clark Propst
What have you been working on?

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