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Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Tim O'Connor recommended re: Greg Martin's search for PRR Class X26C boxcars
in MS1 paint schemes:

Try Mainline Modeler 12/1992 -- I have notes showing RMJ 3/1991 has
a photo of an X29d in MS paint but it might be a model photo.

No luck with either reference:

"Pennsylvania X29B," by Martin Lofton, MM 12/1992. Two builder's photos
(one car side, one 3/4 A End) of Class X29B boxcar PRR 30901 in MS1. The
side photo makes the car appear to be in MS2 (the aluminum and white bands
blend together), but the different colored bands clearly show out on the 3/4
shot. No Class X26C photos.

"Bob Davis' Front Range Products HO Scale Pennsy X29B 40-foot Box Car,"
PRRT&HS Cincinnati Division, RMJ 3/1991. John C.LaRue broadside photo of
Class X29B (not X29D) boxcar PRR 28049 in a heavily faded MS1. Model by Ed
Bley converted from a Front Range 8 ft door DP roof kit.

Here are some spotting details to help out in this search:

Class X26C: PRR 104260-107759, rebuilt 1945-1949 from Class X26 USRA SS
boxcars. Cars received 10-panel riveted steel sides, rectangular panel
roofs (early rebuilds) or diagonal panel roofs (late rebuilds), and 7 ft
Youngstown doors but retained 5/5/5 Murphy Ends modified with sheet metal
extensions for the taller and wider carbody. 5' 6" truck center to striker
spacing. Side sills feature trapezoidal support brackets.

Class X29B: PRR 26501-31000, rebuilt 1948-1952 from Class X29 steel
boxcars. Cars received 10-panel riveted steel sides, diagonal panel roofs,
7 ft Youngstown doors and R+3/4 early ("rolling pin") Improved Dreadnaught
Ends. 5' 0" truck center to striker spacing. Side sills feature T-section
support brackets.

I am somewhat skeptical that any Class X26C boxcars made it into the MS1
scheme; however, I'll be happy to be proven wrong with a legitimate photo -
the X26C rebuilding program did fall within the timeframe that some Class
X29B boxcars were being outfitted for LCL service, so it's definitely

Ben Hom

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