Re: NADX Express Frigicar Reefer

Bob Werre

Thanks for your help in this matter. John Greedy sent me a photo of a 40ft billboard version. John also mentioned that I check out Richard's book on reefers for a photo.

As I mentioned I was impressed by the quality of workmanship of the model's underbody. The versions I built in high school, for obvious reasons, are lacking the finesse that experience brings. So I may remove the sides and replace them with some that I have stored safely someplace.

Bob Werre

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Anthony Thompson wrote:

This model is certainly an express refrigerator, and I've
never seen a "Frigicar" photo of this body style. My understanding of
the Frigicar history (without digging out sources) is that it was one
of several pioneer mechanical refrigeration schemes prior to WW II
which did not catch on. IIRC there was one or more sample cars out
there demonstrating the technology but to my knowledge no significant
orders were ever placed.
The photo stimulated the memory and I found a crude drawing of a
"Frigicar" in the Carstens Publication "Rolling Stock Plan Book" on
p.14. It illustrates a typical 40-ft wood reefer lettered as NADX
A Google search finds multiple listings for a poster with the same
drawing, which I assume was originally published in RMC.

This probably spending way too much time on a model, but reviewing the
photo of the model I could be convinced that this was a kit-bash with
pre-painted 40-ft reefer sides applied to a 50-ft express reefer
body as
there appears to be distinct splices in the side sheathing on either
side of the door.

Bob Witt
Let's stop; wasting our time on this one. The experimental
"Frigicars" apparently were a failure and disappeared shortly after
they were placed in service in 1929. They were 40' wood cars, and by
1931 the 3000-up numbers were part of a 150 car series of 36' meat
reefers. In any case there never was, even briefly, a "Frigicar"
express reefer, so the model is totally bogus.

Richard Hendrickson

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