Re: Wood floors in gons?


Back in the transition era, which most of us model, many gons had wood floors. Even in the steel trade many had wood floors. I don't know what the proportion of wood to steel was, but big roads like the PRR had both wood and steel floored gons. Elden could probably cite the particular classes which had wood floors.


Quoting spsalso <>:

I posted the following in the MFCL. I'm also interested in how the
matter was dealt with "back in the day":

Someone on the Atlas forum asked about wood floors in gons--in
particular, Railgons. I "asserted" that Railgons never had wood
floors.But it did get me wondering about the general case. It's
interesting that typical flat cars have wood deck flooring; but, it
appears to me, that gons rarely do. I thought I'd ask "the folks"
their opinions on the matter.


Edward Sutorik

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