Re: Wood floors in gons?

Thomas Birkett

The 2-1/4" tongue and groove yellow pine decking for flat cars, plain box
cars and gons came to Topeka Shops in large bundles from saw mills in East
Texas. No doubt since most of the gon and hopper work was done in Cleburne,
they had a similar deal. La Junta did a lot of flat car rehabilitation at
one time and Topeka Purchasing would buy the material and Topeka Store
Department would inventory it until it was needed in LaJunta.

At one time I think it was treated, probably with creosote, but toward the
end of wood decking, it was untreated, but painted. It was fastened down
with clips that hooked under the side sills, and stringers so there were not
a bunch of holes punched in them. fyi...Higher quality box cars received
hardwood decking.

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I posted the following in the MFCL. I'm also interested in how the matter
was dealt with "back in the day":

Someone on the Atlas forum asked about wood floors in gons--in particular,
Railgons. I "asserted" that Railgons never had wood floors.But it did get me
wondering about the general case. It's interesting that typical flat cars
have wood deck flooring; but, it appears to me, that gons rarely do. I
thought I'd ask "the folks" their opinions on the matter.


Edward Sutorik

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