Re: Scale Digital Caliper

Andy Harman

At 03:41 PM 4/22/2011 -0000, you wrote:
I think Andy meant he could read dimensions TO the nearest 1/4 HO inch on
HO scale, OR to the nearest actual .001 inch on the inch scale, not that the
two dimensions are equivalent.
That is correct. Like I said, at the time I had never used a vernier scale
before and I was impressed with its accuracy (comparing readings on some
measurements to a micrometer). Then again back then you could do
calculations on a slide rule that today's kids couldn't fathom either.

I really need to find my PFM caliper. I still will end up using my
(non-HO) dial caliper most often. I mostly use it on styrene and brass
stock to make sure it's the size I think it is. Also handy to measure
those Reboxx axles that get mixed up.


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