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I believe you need to qualify the area of the country during the steam era after 1910.  If you're talking the coal country around the C&O, N&W etc. railways you are going to find steel floors in steel gons much more common.

Al Kresse

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Edward Sutorik wrote:
Someone on the Atlas forum asked about wood floors in gons--in  
particular, Railgons.  I "asserted" that Railgons never had wood  
floors.But it did get me wondering about the general case.  It's  
interesting that typical flat cars have wood deck flooring; but, it  
appears to me, that gons rarely do.  I thought I'd ask "the folks"  
their opinions on the matter.
      Wood gondola floors were more common than steel ones in the  
steam era, for the exact same reason that wood decks were used on flat  
cars: loads and cribbing were more easily attached.
       The biggest exception was the kind of mill gon which normally  
carried steel structural shapes or plate. These did not have to be  
secured with any dunnage in most cases and needed to be as durable as  
       ORER entries often identify wood vs. steel floors in gondolas,  
simply so car clerks would know the proper assignment of such cars.

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