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Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 23, 2011, at 12:12 AM, roblmclear wrote:

I dont know if this is the right list to be on as I am dealing with
express refrigerator and express box cars. I am a modeller in N
scale and model the ATSF over Cajon Pass in California in
1947-1949. The NYC had numerous cars in service with the Santa Fe
both on the Fast Mail Express and on the Chief. I hope that you
might be able to answer some of my questions.

First I have kitbashed a NYC Express Reefer from an Athearn Milk
car and have added the fishbelly side sills and rivets from Archer
rivets. I have also kitbashed an Express Boxcar from a Microtrains
Troop Sleeper, my question to the group is what colour should these
be painted. Given my era, should the roofs be black or the same
colour as the body. Is Pullman Green the correct colour or should
it be something different. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob McLear
Brisbane Australia.
Rob, Express reefers and box cars are specifically regarded as a
legitimate part of the group's subject matter. And NYC head end cars
were painted a somewhat lighter and less brownish olive green than
Pullman green, a color that several paint manufacturers call coach
green. Roofs and underbodies were black. And by the time those cars
got to Cajon Pass, they were invariably dirty (and in general, most
of them were dirty and weathered to start with, as NYC wasn't known
for meticulous maintenance).

Richard Hendrickson

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