Re: Soo automobile car & others to identify


Hello Rob.

I'm confident that the partial view of the "unidentified composite car" is a Canadian Pacific steel frame auto car originally built in either the 1923, 300-car, 297500-297799 series or 1924, 300 car 297800-298099 series. Built at CP's Angus Shops, both of these series featured a distinctive fishbelly side sill, and other spotting features seen in this photo are a 5/5/5 reverse Murphy end, hat section bracing and Murphy metal roof. By the time this photo was taken, the original series mentioned above had splintered into various series (along with the 297000-297499 series, 500 cars built 1921-1922 to a similar but noticeably different design) as CPR rebuilt their steel frame auto car fleet in the mid-1930s. The boxcar seen in the photo could be a member of one of six CPR steel frame auto car series operating in the mid-to-late 1940s .

Jonathan McConathy


- another car with illegible marks on the end - a partial view at the edge of the photo - shows a composite car - steel frame single sheathed. The side sills dip >to suggest a fishbelly profile. I'd guess the reporting marks have two letters followed by a number - not much help.
Rob Kirkham

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