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Brian, since you, in another message refer to a Cyc drawing that you
apparently don't have access to, I assume you are measuring a model.
If this be the Stewart car, can you tell us the distance from the
bottom of the side at midpoint of the car and the top of the side?
I'd also like to know the distance from track to the top of the side.
Thanks. Mike Brock <

Mike, I wish I could oblige. I found a drawing online of an HL car
(N&W 22000, straight not fishbelly side sill) from a book by Davis.
Just searched for it and was unable to find the Web site. Perhaps
someone else will know.

I imported the scan into AutoCAD software and spent an hour or two
today resizing the scan, doing my best to ensure dimensional
accuracy, based upon the drawing's printed dimensions as well as the
discussion on this list over the past few days.

N&W HL 22000 2-bay hopper, from the drawing:

IL 30'-10 (inside upper peaked end to inside upper peaked end)
OL 32'-9 (striker face to striker face)
HT 12'-3 (top of rail to top of peaked end)
WD 9'-10 (outside corner post to outside corner post; width is 5-6
inches wider if eaves are included)

Based on the above drawing dimensions, and after sizing the drawing
in CAD to match them, the car measures:

11'-0 1/2 from rail top to top of car side
8'-3 from bottom of car side to top of car side

This is on target, is it not?

When finished with the drawing in a few days, I'll have it printed on
clear high resolution film and then proceed to etching. I sure could
use a scanned copy of the 1940 cyc drawing and dimensions, if anyone
would care to send them. Also, I'll look for Train Shed #5.

Mike, I'm not sure if you're after just the Stewart model dimensions,
the prototype measurements, or both. Hope this helps some.

Brian Chapman


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