NYC 55000-55999 series automobile cars

Robert kirkham

While I'm no expert on anything NYC, my review of the photos on the Terry Link's Canada Southern site suggests this series bears a resemblance to the 1948 photo I posted last week

The Canada Southern site includes a photo from the Richard Burg collection posted at and a drawing at These cars were apparently built in 1930. The photo seems to suggest paired rivet rows at each panel seam spaced perhaps as much as 6" apart (rough guess). The roster info also includes this detail: "VARIOUS CARS RENUMBERED NYC 199000-199999 STARTING IN 1941. RENUMBERED NYC 214000-214999 STARTING IN 1952. RENUMBERED NYC 223000-223999 STARTING IN 1959. SOME CARS CONVERTED TO LOT 924-B." For my modelling era of 1946, only the first of these re-numberings is of concern.

I take it these re-numberings did not eliminate the entire number series (at least not immediately) - such that cars were in both the NYC 55000-55999 series and cars in the NYC 199000-199999 series at the same time. But then I have to ask - were cars in both series identical? Either class would be good to see in a very clear photo but my access to NYC rolling stock photos does not include anything in the series.

I don't suppose anyone knows of an HO model of these?

Rob Kirkham

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