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I don't disagree with that. But what there's likely to be much
disagreement about is what constitutes "slightly wrong."

Slightly wrong trucks? I can accept that if there are no "exactly
right" trucks available.

Wrong number and arrangement of side sheathing panels? Whoa!

Richard Hendrickson
Actually, the objection was the P2K rendition of the rectangular panel roof, since I had already suggested new styrene sides with Archer rivets.

It may be easier to just model the earlier 10'-1" IH cars using parts from two Red Caboose 40' double door cars, or one double door car and an extra roof and underframe. The RC kit should provide the correct ends (I assume these have square corner ends) doors and a better roof; the sides still need to be built up from styrene and Archer rivets. I'm not sure what it takes to splice 40' car roofs into fifty car roofs; three more panels, but the length doesn't work out exactly right. However, the adjustment would be in the flat end panels.

All theseare P-S built cars, so drawings should be available from the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway Museum. Lot numbers are:

Lot 5569, 8-37 (175000-175498, even)
Lot 5599. 12-39 (175500-175698, even)

The cars Rob was asking about were 175900-176498, even, built 2-42 as Lot 5689.



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