Re: PRR Merchandise Service Boxcars

Greg Martin


<<First Ben Hom (b.hom@...) writes:
><< MS1 (1947-1948): Classes X40B (100 cars), X40B (300 cars), X29b (some
>- total undetermined). 23 ¼" wide aluminum band with 4 ¼" white edges.
>Background for keystone monogram toludine red vice freight car color.
>"Merchandise Service" letters toludine red with narrow white accent shadow.

Then I comment...
>HHHMMMMM seems to me that their were at least some X26C's that were painted
>in MS1, now where did I see the photo???

Then Tim adds these reminders...
>Try Mainline Modeler 12/1992 -- I have notes showing RMJ 3/1991 has
a photo of a X29d in MS paint but it might be a model photo.<

First I checked MM and that was no help as that was an article by Martin
Loftin on the X29B and then I dug around and found an article by Richard Burg
"Dr. Pennsy" and found the reference I was looking for in his article of
August 1992 RMJ in which he states... "In 1948, one car, 105126 was entered
as "automobile" and classified XMP. It was equipped with devises for handling
less than carload lading. This car was part of a small block of cars
assigned to Pennsylvania Merchandise Service... <snip> (The classification
XMP and use of "automobiles" with the entry are contradictory, according to
the Register. The XMP applies to cars "carrying miscellaneous
commodity...other than automobile parts".) He also notes that car numbers
105136 and 107324 were also noted as hauling LCL lading's and were likely in
the MS1.

I know I have seen photos of this block of cars and I might even have a copy
of the photo I will have to scrounge around here and ...ahhhh. look for it.
But for the moment Ben add this car class to your MS1 data and I will see if
I have the photo or see if Richard has it.

Greg Martin

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