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Robert kirkham

Thanks Bob!

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Rob Kirkham wrote:

In the same vein, I may not be seeing it, but is there a way to complete the
order form on-line, or does one have to send it in as a hard copy? I'm
delighted to be able to pick up a couple of cars in this scheme.


My understanding is the Store Manager does not place an item for on-line ordering until it is in stock. The "hard copy" ordering method serves as a reservation and those requests will be processed first. It is a method to assure that you will get your models. I don't recall the total number of models ordered, but as with most historical societies special models it is a limited run.

If you want more information please contact the B&ORR HS store manager directly at: storemanager at The link is also available through the "Contacts" at the top of the home page.


Bob Witt
B&ORR Historical Society


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