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Union Railroad was owned by US Steel and served the Edgar Thompson (Rankin
and Braddock) works, Duquesne Works (Duquesne PA) and Homestead works
(Homestead, PA). All located up river from Pittsburgh on the Monongahela
River. URR interchanged with the B&LE at North Bessemer. The P&LE in
Duquesne and Homestead, the PRR in Braddock, Wilmerding, Duquesne and
Homestead and the B&O in Braddock. It also interchanged with the McKeesport
Connecting RR another US Steel line which served the National Tube works
and Christy Works in McKeesport, PA.

URR still exists but is no longer owned by US Steel. It still serves the
Edgar Thompson works of US Steel and interchanges with CN (B&LE), NS and

Rich Orr

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I have not noticed any comments about the new model on the F&C website. It
is a Union RR gondola. It looks to be a nominal 50-foot car.

Was the URR one of the steel company owned RR's?

Bill Welch


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