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Steve Funaro made a small run of flat kits and then made a presentation about the URR gons at the RPM East meet in Greensburg in March. He is planning to produce a one-piece body kit which will become available in the near future.


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I was not aware it was officially "out", but to add to what Rich said, these
were United States Steel-purchased, and held by several roads including Union
RR, Bessemer & Lake Erie, Lake Terminal, Aliquippa Southern, and McKeesport
Connecting RR, all USS-owned at time of purchase. They were seen all over
the place, often carrying loads of structural steel or particularly for the
McK Con, loads of tube.

The cars were researched by a group of folks you likely know.

I have not seen the decals, but the artwork was really good.

This is a car for which everyone who would have received the above could have
likely hosted at some time or another.

They were seen past the time of this list.

Be aware that USS shifted these cars around a lot, which bears a look into
the ORER to see what roads were running them in your time frame.

Photos can be found on numerous websites, including Fallen Flags.

I expect F&C will issue them for all roads that owned them.

Elden Gatwood

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I have not noticed any comments about the new model on the F&C website. It is
a Union RR gondola. It looks to be a nominal 50-foot car.

Was the URR one of the steel company owned RR's?

Bill Welch

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