P&LE and PMcK&Y Boxcars 1910 to 1975

Larry Kline

Ben Hom wrote (on the Steam Era Freight Car Yahoo Group)
This subject definitely deserves closer analysis, and previously presented
overviews of NYCS car fleets at PM meets (English, Hinman, Kline) certainly
deserve greater distribution.

Volume 4,, Numbers 2-4 of the P&LE Historical Society Magazine "The Little Giant" is a 76 page issue on the "Boxcars of the P&LE and PMcK&Y - 1910 to 1975." Its available from the P&LE Society for $20.85 + $4.00 shipping and handling. See:
You can download an order form using this link:

Larry Kline
VP and Editor P&LERRHS

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