Re: RI and WM 40' Auto Cars

Bill Darnaby


It varies, of course, and I also tend to batch assemble similar cars. As a
rule, however, I figure on one hour to assemble the box, assuming a house
car, which includes deflashing and washing. A half hour to add weight, glue
in the floor, drill and tap for trucks and couplers and install couplers.
One hour to add crossbearers, corner steps and brake gear including levers
and rods. A half hour to add roof walk detail. A half hour to add ladders
and ladders and grabs. A half hour to add B end handbrake detail including
retainer and piping. And, finally, a half hour to add doors, tack boards
and cut levers. That comes to 4 1/2 hours. If the car has a lot of
underframe pieces to add, which is rare with resin kits these days, or has
grabs instead of ladders add another half hour. This sequence of assembly
is a pattern that I have fallen into over the years for all resin kits and
usually deviates from the instructions but it works for me. Finally, the
above assumes a well designed kit where all of the body pieces fit well with
little fussing. I hope that helps.


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Bill-Looking at the number of reviews you have done in the last two weeks,
have to ask--How many hours does it take you to build the average Sunshine
Paul Lyons
Oceanside, CA

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