PRR G24 brake equipment locations

Eric Mumper


I am currently working on a Sunshine PRR G24 resheathed with steel sides for a 1954 era layout which means it would have AB brakes. Looking at the pictures in TKM and the Sunshine PDS it looks like the reservoir should be under the center panel. The typical USRA gon would also have the K brake cylinder in the center panel which when converted to AB brakes would probably be put in the same location. What I cannot see is where the AB valve should be located. I cannot locate my copy of Mainline Modeler from 2/2001 for Mont's article on kitbashing the rebuild.

If anybody has a brake diagram or knows where the AB valve should be, please let me know. Thanks. (The Sunshine kit has locators for the brake components, but the reservoir is not in the right location and these have been known to be suspect.)

Eric Mumper

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