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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

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I do not know how A&S acquired these gons, and I also cannot find any photos
of them, but I did see a gon that looked exactly like these cars on the A&S a
long time ago, and then more recently, and indeed, my 1963 ORER has 20 cars
in series 340 to 359, and lists the very same dimensions - 50'6" IL, 70-ton,
3' IH, 1439 cu ft.

It is also very hard to get data on the dynamics of how all these RRs shared,
leased and/or sold cars to one another. Assembling data from numerous ORERs
might be one way, but I have also been mining data provided by others that
own original RR records, to get an idea on what cars the A&S, B&LE (where
they lasted a very long time), EJ&E (who had none that I can find), Lake
Terminal (who had 200 cars in the early 50's, and they DID travel),
McKeesport Connecting (100 cars that also traveled far and wide), and Union
RR (1000 cars, dropping to 609 by 1952, with some going to other roads),
swapped, leased and sold their cars.

It took a lot of persuasion to get this car done, but it was really needed.
BTW, the one-piece body kit is coming, with interior detail.

Elden Gatwood

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Elden, Wasn't Aliquippa Southern J&L's railroad.


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, Aliquippa Southern, and McKeesport

Connecting RR, all USS-owned at time of purchase. They were seen all over

the place, often carrying loads of structural steel or particularly for the

McK Con, loads of tube.

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