Digital Calipers

JP Barger

Caliper and would-be caliper users,

A half dozen years ago, when we were nearer to starting the use of digital
calipers after using dial versions for several years, I was enamored enough
to buy a couple of them. They were overproduced for a couple of years, at
least, and consequently in that period, it was a buyers' market. Digitals
could be purchased in 4, 6 and 8 inch versions under $30. All were
originally battery-powered.

It wasn't long until I was greatly annoyed when it seemed that the battery
was always dead when I wanted to use it. Keeping good batteries on hand
isn't easy either because new ones lose power just as ones in use, except
maybe slower. Like a lot of you, I have lots of other things to do, travels
to make, etc., and consequently, can't be at my workbench consistently. So,
it seemed like often, when I got back to my modelling affairs, I found
myself confronted with a battery problem.

One day, I came across a solar powered digital caliper!! For sale!! All in
one unit, no wires, no separate power unit, all nicely integrated, no
different in appearance or application. So, I grabbed it. I probably said
'Whoopee' at that moment.

Since that day, my mood has been lighter. (Or, it could be old age getting
closer!) The caliper has worked perfectly ever since it and I entered into
matrimony. The solar cell works just as well in the winter as when the sun
is high. It even works in a room with only an incandescent bulb for light,
or fluorescent.

The caliper I have is a Mitutoyo CD-S8"-CP, serial no. 0000422, Code number
500-492, 8" length.

Soon after I began to use the self-powered caliper, I enjoyed it so much
that I wanted another to use at work. Do you think I could find one? It
looked to me like Mitutoyo stopped making them. That may not be the truth,
but something got in the way. We who use spare time to model could use a lot
of these 'Magic Bunny plus' calipers. Time--the thing most of have so little
of--would be saved, not just in changing batteries, but in chasing after
them. Spirits would lighten; discourse on this list might even shift more
towards the humorous side; darkness would disappear to be replaced by sunny
comments. Textbooks on personality will describe that watershed moment in
2011 when modellers, at least, drastically changed from outright moodiness
to behavioral role models.

I, myself, may be somewhat delayed in joining the new sunnier modelling
group because I still haven't found my second solar-powered digital caliper.
Can any of you tool demons help? What happened to Mitutoyo? Where am I not
looking to find my new little machine, which will put me in CALIPER BIGAMY?

The would-be sunnier modeller,


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