Re: P&LE and PMcK&Y Boxcars 1910 to 1975

Larry Kline

I added a pdf file with the additions and corrections to the files section. The file name is: "P&LE & PMcK&Y Boxcars 1910-1945 - Additions and Corrections."

Dave Sieber wrote:
I see on the PLERRHS web site that the latest edition of TLG has "P&LE Boxcars, Additions and Corrections" to the Boxcar issue. Any chance of posting those addenda on the STMFC and other lists, or as appropriate to maintain Society copyright, as an "additional info" link from the PLERRHS website? That would be grestly appreciated by those of us who model other regions, but purchase your super boxcar issue to more accurately model P&LE boxcars in our foreign RR interchange fleets.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA
VP and Editor P&LERRHS

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