Digital Caliper

Ed <nprybiged@...>

All this bad talk about battery operated Calipers.
Take a look at Micro Mark no.82556 6" long Digital
Caliper that measures .0005 or .01mm for $19.95.

Mirco Mark No. 83762 6" long D.C. that measures
.0005 or .01mm and factional inches in 1/64th also
has a 2 step funtion.

Both of these have ON/OFF switchs that allows
longer battery life. Micro Mark advises that
replacement battiers are same as hearing air
battiers. Theae are available at all Drug Stores.

Micro Mark did offer a 14" Digital Caliper with
all the above funtions, but have SOLD OUT. Like
a dummy I put off buying one. They SOLD for

Ed Ursem

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